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The following two pieces of poetry were written for my brother ,who’s recently been undergoing some major life transitions and is currently trying his best to dig his way out of a pretty deep hole. Our mother has done everything she can, and more, to help point him in a better direction, at the expense of her own mental health.

Ballad for the Brother Man

Enter the drifter in flip flops and shades
Natural fibers he wears them in spades
An early adopter and outspoken voice
On cannabis, hummus and freedom of choice
For the healing of nations, with high expectations
Addressing the X and the Y generations

Committed to justice, resolved to be fair
A chip on his shoulder and knots in his hair
Running for freedom—and from the man
From Redlands to Redway in the mystery van
But something inside him just wasn’t quite right
A piece of his clockwork was wound up too tight

His handshakes and patience grew colder and shorter
The head doctors call it bipolar disorder
A label, a stigma, we’d rather deny
But the DSM guide couldn’t possibly lie
He rises and falls like some volatile tide
The peaks and the valleys are too much to hide

A dark lonely whirlpool devours the light
And all hope is lost like a ship in the night
The captain and crew are all swept out to sea
So bowing to Neptune we pray and we plea
That like sailors of old with their lemon and lime
We’ll forestall this sad scurvy and waste no more time


It has recently come to my attention that many of my poems and compositions are being reviewed by a team of analysts and therapists, so I’ve decided I better try and step up my game. I apologize in advance if this effort should fall flat. In response to the generally favorable reaction to the previous verse, I offer this rhyming addendum.

Stellar Stellar Night
Shining and spinning with Kraft and with Schwung
Consider the circles of Carlos G. Jung
Archetypal patterns engraved in the stones
Vessels we fill with our minds and our bones

Binary stars and both burning too brightly
To enter their orbit, I warn you: Tread lightly
Get caught in the middle and cradle your heart
For gravity’s forces might tear you apart

One giant feeds on the fuel of another
In fiery red burns the blazing big brother
Intense indigo from the scorpion mother
Yet the shadow of one is the light of the other


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