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German Philosophy


I recently relocated from California to Germany, where I’ve been immersing myself in German philosophy and other recondite subject matter. The major life event inspired this piece of poetry:


Turning Leaves in the Vaterland

Leaving California to take a long jaunt
Gonna trade in my flip flops for a treatise from Kant
From soft sandy beaches where waves hit the ground
To the land of philosophers ultra-profound

No more customary hummus and bagel
Instead I’ll devour a volume of Hegel
Farewell to the redwoods and poppies I’m seeing
I’m throwing myself into Heidegger’s Being

Good-bye to the Batu and Art After Darks
Time for some history according to Marx
So long to Higuera, the Barefoot Contessa
Bring on the archetypes with old Hermann Hesse

Good-bye to the sunshine, its endless warm rays
Meister Eckhart shines too with his mystical ways
My luggage is packed and the bags have been checked
Including a meaningful drama by Brecht


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